For over 17 years I was a newspaper reporter, features and food writer, magazine art and content director and editor. I was proud to be an Ohio Associated Press award-winning columnist. 

I've authored four books: A Heritage of the HeartSecret of the Lockkeeper’s Housethe Secret of the Lockkeeper’s House Teaching Companion, and Heart and Hearth – Christmas on the Farm. I'm presently kicking around a few ideas for future publications. 

My husband Tim and I have three married daughters, and a grandson who brings a whirl of love and laughter. We share the place with a blind rat terrier named Dill, three cats: Murphy, Corky, and Clawdette, and five backyard banty hens.

Next to creativity, I believe I've been blessed with curiosity and determination - a combination that has led me down so many interesting paths and to special people. I've also learned that in order to make something happen, you cannot wait around for someone to do it for you. You are the person who has to jump in and give it a try. Make your own place in the world, don't wait for someone to give you permission. Put it out there, if it flies - good for you. If it flops you have two choices - keep working on it or put it to rest and go on to the next thing. And there is always the next thing. 



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