Magic Reindeer Food

Today’s festive project consists of pure fun with a dollop of jingle bells and a dash of glitter! Like everyone at this time of year, I have more to-do’s than Santa has names on his list. That being so, this is going to be my last upload until after the holidays. I want to wish everyone a warm and wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Thanks for reading, liking and commenting on my blog, recipes and projects – can’t wait to start back up and see what 2017 brings! 

Now, onto this easy, fun Christmas project.

We used to do this when our kids were little, and there really is something mystical about tiptoeing in slipper clad feet out into a shivery December night that is already filled with magic. This year the elves will be delivering to our neighbor kids and our grandson – who at just two years of age, will need careful adult supervision so he doesn’t sample the reindeer food. 

Over the years I have used a variety of packaging, depending on what I had on hand, to deliver the enchanted food. Containers have ranged from little plastic bags to tins and boxes. This year I used some mini gable boxes from, and with my computer created labels with a retro image from They were printed on kraft cardstock, cut out, and glued onto the boxes. The “food” inside the box consists of some steel cut oats from the kitchen tossed with glitter in a resealable plastic bag. I went with a silvery color scheme, but a red and green one would be just as pretty. 

The Story 
“I was just going out to get the mail, when an elf came scurrying around the corner of the house! Being so busy with Christmas just a few days away, the elf wanted to know if I could deliver these packages to the kids. Of course, I couldn’t say no!”

For each, in a sandwich bag combine ½ cup rolled or steel cut oats with 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon glitter, colors of your choice. Close tightly. Place bag in fun container. 

Wording on Front Label or Tag
Genuine Magic Reindeer Food from the North Pole Grain & Feed

Wording on Back Label
Special Directions:
On Christmas Eve take the magic reindeer food outside and throw it as far as you can across your yard. When the reindeer see it sparkling under the moon and stars, they will be able to show Santa where to land his sleigh!
Remember! It’s only magical on Christmas Eve!